Joint Repair Technology
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of Orthopedics

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Syntorr, Inc.
The field of Syntorr is the development and marketing of orthopedic devices that provide new solutions to common challenging clinical problems.

All devices under development are protected by patents, and all new devices are selected to have a manageable regulatory pathway. The suture and suture-anchor devices offer faster and simpler application. Syntorr’s rotator cuff device offers a fast and reliable means to achieve the multi-suture technique of Bernard Bach MD, for massive cuff tears.

The UltraCL ACL prosthetic device is currently in canine clinical trials, to assess durability. The FBS retrograde intramedullary pin for proximal humerus fractures competes with locking plate devices for effectiveness, complications, speed, and ease of use.

  • Compliant pre-stress implant fixation
  • Synthes tibial nail
  • 1-Step Suture Anchor
  • Variable deneur; EZ pass suture
  • Flexible bone screw

A unique prosthetic device for use in joint replacement in bone.

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The Titanium Cannulated Tibial Nail Expert Nailing System for fracture stabilization.

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